Day to Day Thoughts

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Something About Myself

I am one of those people who doesn’t have a nickname.

Others go by the name “BERT” (Roberto), some looks around when they hear a “REY” (Reynaldo) being called, some responds with the name “Carl” (Carlito) and most of the guys flip their head when the name “BHOY” (Protacio, Marcelo, Procopio, Benedicto, etc.) is being hollered.

So I guess nickname was the last thing on my mom and dad’s mind when they gave me “ERWIN” as a name.

Who could blame them? My father’s name is ERNESTO, my mothers name is ANACLETA ZOSIMA. They go around with the name the new generation calls “AMBAHO”. So maybe they were thinking a short and safe name, thus “ERWIN” is very practical.

As I was growing up, a lot of friends ask for my nickname. Some even tried giving me one. Some called me “WIN”, but it failed terribly because they were shouting “WIN” in the middle of the basketball game when we were behind by 20 points. Some tried “ERR” but it failed too because it sounds like they were so hesitant, “Errrr… Errrrr…”, so no nickname ever succeeded in making it to my RESUME.

That is why, I was “ERWIN” when I entered school, I was “ERWIN” when I made the wrong choice of accepting a teaching job and stopped my College studies at the age of 19. I was “ERWIN” when I became a programmer at the age of 21 and was even more “ERWIN” when I was promoted to Systems Analyst at the age of 23. I was very proud to be “ERWIN” when I became an MIS Head.

I am also the “ERWIN” who once dropped everything and went back to school and tried to finish what I started many years ago.

I have always been “ERWIN”, through my ups and downs, never “WIN” nor “ERR”. But what I really wanted to be is the “ERWIN” who did it right, the “ERWIN” my wife and 3 kids will be proud of.