Friday, March 31, 2006

Genuine Happiness

For some reason, today I was unusually quiet while sitting in the passenger seat of the taxi, beside the driver. Usually I start a conversation with these ever-so-eager listeners. I talk about almost anything as we drive around metro, it helps divert our attention away from traffic woes. But today is not one of those times. I sat there quietly, my eyes fixed outside the car window.


A nissan x-trail passed us by, I saw two young boys, brothers maybe. Both of them are wearing school uniforms. The first boy was holding a gameboy, his eyes fixed on the small screen not bothered at all by the thick hair that is almost covering his eyes, his lips are wide with a smile. The second boy, sporting an almost identical hairdo of his brother is also looking directly at the small screen. His eyes wide open in amazement and also wearing a big smile.

Genuine happiness.

Minutes later while waiting for a go signal, a passenger jeep was right in front. A young mother, probably in her mid-twenties was carrying a boy in her lap. He was in shorts and slippers staring directly at his lollipop and occasionally licking it. I can see the contentment in his eyes.

Genuine happiness.

Go find yours.


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